The Beauty of Colors

Happy new year folks

It is early 2015 and we just enjoyed the colors that graced the 72nd golden globe awards as millionaires clamored to their golden moments. But what drew my attention was the perfect reflection of all colors. This year I want to start with an article and a poem all together since they kind of blend. Or maybe it is just a new year psyche to give you something thrillingly different. So lets think about the power of colors. Its charm, the meaning and clamor.

The Beauty of Colors

Let us actually pretend men are color blind in our globally technological world where clamor for fashion and design has become the hub of all attention. It even beats logic under such assumption that women will still use colorful dresses, lipsticks, or earrings to earn attention, well, they surely get it. Attraction to such attention is admiration to beauty, which is the enigma behind all colors. As a reference to beauty of colors, Chris de Burgh’s song ‘the lady in red’ espouses red as a colorful symbol of beauty and love. To date, the song is a hit largely because de Burgh just spots this ‘lady in red’ in the romantic red color of rose flower.

Color is beauty blending nature and culture

Actually much about beauty is represented in color, which happens to be the visual flavor of the eyes. Let it not be mistaken, there is so much in beauty beyond colors. Beauty comes as personality, character, idea, perception, nature, and even culture. Nonetheless, color, my dear, defines all beauty. Look at light that shines the sun, or bulbs beautified in many colors to blurb a certain mood or to elucidate a mode. Every day the sun turns from yellow to orange and to red-orange then back to yellow-light, and it is gives beautiful dawns, dooms, and dims. So does our daily times to love, work and play change in tandem with the sunlight colors.

Ever wondered why evening beaches have romantic lighting shores closest to our feet while brightest horizon farthest of our sight? or how good dates start as the sun sets? Or why birds bask and beautifully sing during sunrise? There you go – color! Naturally, the sun’s position lights the earth at different angles shinning different colorful rays to our faces. Although men like me are colorblind to black and white, maybe we might easily see white stars in the dark nights than the yellows and oranges of the sun. Even darkness strongly hides as it shades from grey to dark and then change to the very black. It so happens that as the night grows darker we sleep deader, slipping deeper into our dreamlands. The magnificence of the night’s most beautiful stars is born in the ‘dark darkness of black’. As you submit to the admission that nature colors our culture beautifully, it goes without say that; colors have very meaningful association to our societies.

Beautiful meanings of color

I decided to summarize every meaning of the major colors in this love poem. Enjoy.

The colors you reflect

Beauty I look
but it is the color I see
blue in your mood
red of your dress
are you ‘the lady in red’?

Still beauty my eyes seek
but one color blind me
maybe mine of a man
it’s the dark of black
lacking the shine of white
Am I a colorblind man?
So are you a colorful woman?

To flirt I should think in pink
Your eyes shine yellow of the sun
the light that evokes purple in your crown
There is something in me,
Like the green of grass to be grown
a grain of love for you
it’s green that surely grows …

If you so wish to dine
I will be as historical as brown
and clad in white and black
‘you mean simple and credible?’
Yes, and you in red, ready for a date …

I see beauty
its the colors you reflect


Conflicts of life …

The balance of life is a conflict
Or maybe to me the concept doesn’t click
But mystery of nature vs beauty of culture is distinct
that mystery and beauty, aren’t for, but against! Tick

Why think in a box
when the earth spins to the span of the endless universe
Tho’ out of the box
boundless seas reach sown seeds, then soak-sip seeking sea level …
and limit is never and limitless ever upon fate of aconflicted destiny
People keep circling trying to reach where they want to be,
forgetting they will end up here where they have to be

As questions disturb the universe
Lookers be the first to see answers
Seekers unfold answers to life greatest questions
Yet the two pegged as discoverers

In life things are not what they seem
This life things are all the way you see
In love you fall for what you see
With hate you despise what you saw
A cry to life, cries to death
Tears of joy, tears of sorrow
Fight over love, mourn in peace
The rich also cry, the poor laugh once

Secret to investment -follow the trend
Secret of life -never follow the crowd
Professional life -mistakes lead to fire
Social life – good mistakes to admire

Out of breath you find death
From first breath you found life …
and the cause in life and the cause of death
All the cost of living  …

The Undefeated Loser …

Need not race
Can catch up to any pace
tread below lows,
reach above heights
Sometimes go left, right
or continue straight
Every way I want can’t work
because they can all work

today I type
tomorrow I write
and when wrong I right
Then in art, design and paint
Add math the mother of all insight

But all they do is throw me back and forth
Make me doubt, unsure of my path,
The twists, turns, and runs overwhelm my wrath
Circular flows, bustle blows, my head with flaws

But I waiver not from my soul resolution
Although many things my sole flaw,
my eyes fixed to make them all flow
Gather calmness, I sip slow these blows

First I take a glass of imperfections
Then a sip of vague lines
A gulp of cunning lies
A number of crooked curves
that thought I had aligned nice
Just one of those bitter dines

As I take many things under review
Check my previous works in preview
So many flaws my fault
Then try redraw the lines I paint
A part of me takes on art
another inculcate calculations of math
Seem much, but the smallest step in this mess

Still I bind to them to find myself within
but postponement my closest perfection
Well, one of the misfortunes to being many things

At some point they all backfire
My indulgences catch fire
And I burn from inside
Seek a way to backslide
But am already in it …
I have to work my head on this

Can’t move faster, I am slow
this time willing but no
Can’t figure out all I Know
I mistype, mis-write and miss right
Wrong art, redesign and repaint
And math too difficult can wait

am faint
Many things my plight
But if they went right
I would shine in light
Now unseen at day or night
My head ever engaged in this fight …

Time not my twin …

Time not my twin.
To keep time I can never win
To give promise I can at will
To keep promise that will I kill
At the promised time I can never win

Old history upon you surge
a trail of story of every edge
You’ve been through every stage
Yet today you and me like same of age
Time not my twin …

Given my best, even my worst
A twin in bright but part of my plight
We are never at same pace
yet always in the same place
To catch your pace, am caught by neck
Time not my twin …

My zeal is faint, its your strain so quaint
yet up to date so straight and tight by every tick
and every tick I miss am less off the clock
Another tick-tock to remind me we pace
But no! your speed and mine so large a space
Time not my twin

To time time I can
To count time I have
To meet time in vain
To relate to time is pain
Time not my twin …

With time we are never together
Yet always we will live like forever
Until time my heart will surrender
Stop time, buried under and return never
Then, time and me will be asunder
But still time on me be like twin

Hear Me out …

Dare bear with me

Don’t cut my call
It cost a coin
But neither loss of coin
nor toss of my call
that cuts my heart,
but thy cause upon me
that costs much hurt
hear me out

I know you’ve got weight on trust
Found thrust to you, I felt lost
but such cast costs much trust
and you can’t just accept it will last
You want to confirm trust first

Hear me out …

For a love like this …

Nerves shiver, it is just a call
Even when speaking, still missing
Encounter feelings
a painful passion
in collision with confusion
Blindfolded with love
Oh! my heart
longs to meet

stop to think, cease to breath
Eyes linger
mouth a daze
ears to hear
but it is all nothing, dry and quiet!!
A perfect package!!

My strength in weakness
Your beauty my weakness
Ooh! my heart so lifeless
my sight in blindness
Yet now the witness
To this figure in darkness
Is furthest of my keenness
Such beauty of kindness
Leaves me so breathless
With a wish this love be timeless

Oh! Am cast to the clouds
But the world beckons
Counting no seconds
I make a few steps
Hands to her waist
My lips in haste
It’s cloud nine …

Then a gentle breeze
My ears fight the hiss
am closed in a kiss
And forever I wish
For a love like this …

If I can have one night …

If I can have one night
of limitless light
and loudest silence
with my spirit in sight

We will Speak in quiet,
a special meeting of us.
Unwind of the soul,
revive the spirit,
re-energize the flesh.

Then I query of tomorrow
like am sure to reach there
and tomorrow of tomorrow
like am sure to conquer here
and yesterdays of today
like I need the perfect guide

And I ask my spirit if I will win in life
Just as quest where I will lose to death
And query what the soul loves
just as much to know the flesh distastes

But much we consult on our strength
like we are going for war knowing our weaknesses
Then deliberate on happy us, in all defiance to alarm
Oh no! flesh is tickled and cant defy the morning light …

Wishing for another
one night of limitless light with my spirit in sight …