Force of Silence

Our big world in our little earth

Silence is found rarely in little things

Within the mammoths lies real noise

So where does silence really dwell?

So when does silence really swell?

It’s …

in the mind that thinks

the face that winks

the eye that blinks

All the signs that win

Silence is a force

Easing some noise to give space to any

Yes! it’s a voice

Calling some noise to come keep company

Silence is a quest

That nature seeks and the wise find peace

It’s …

between spaces of noise

with new girls and boys

in the wisdom of the wise

in the nurture of nature

It’s the freedom that never speaks,

when love lacks words.

It’s the affection that ever exists,

when you love in kind

No wonder it’s too loud

in the …

moment of a kiss

rhythm of the hiss

mourning of sorrow

hope of tomorrow

tears from eyes

years of lies

peak of truth …

All of these fruits

Silence has a silent force …


December of Christmas

Ushered in rainy dawn in our town
drops drip from my roof top down
Then drops as one gather
As families come together
To meet their misses
To kiss their lilies
And curve those trees
In December it’s Christmas

Some sigh of relief
A tough year it’s been
Others bend in disbelief
It’s a miracle to be
Laughter and joy
Year’s achievements maybe
It’s Christmas in December

Foes turned to friends
Some friends merely enemies
But a blessing in disguise
Better as an enchanted curse
Reserve this for thirty first
Today just laugh and eat
In December it’s Christmas

Remember how it all began
Wishes in Dec n goals in jan
At the end of line you can
Let everything become
as a chance to start over begins
But today toast for those ends
that left you broken or raised
Bitter or better and clever
for such times stamp memories
that will lift us when we are down
that will keep us up when falling
So celebrate for all times
It’s Christmas in December

Life Quotes

I have come to find some quotes inspiring, rhyming and yet very blunt. As some are truthful others seem to tell of the future while others just remind us where we have been … but they all are quotes worth mentioning whether in Kiswahili or English. Here are a few that have struck me this year …

Quotes lukyfranc quotes …

sina mirror ya maisha kunipa picture yenyewe, but I bet zile parts za passion na times za trials na wale waliplus peace au kuleta matata wamenichorea picha kamili

In total darkness you hold on to what you touch and cling to it like it’s the only support you have to survive. But when it dawns you realize it’s a leaflet that kept you alive. A leaflet of hope …

To succeed is a risk the heart takes involuntary or voluntarily because you may build your life or destroy it in the journey to success …

Lately I’ve been making impulse purchases and at the peak of my extravangance, stupidity is a commodity I can’t afford … so sell it outside my radius.

The more things change the more they remain the same

I remember that time, It was Suzzy

Cute blushy shy girl
Suzzy’s style trends my wall
Skirt slit, skirt tight cut so short
Shinny red shoe over brown sole
Soft skin, tender touch tease the soul

But it’s not just the sexy of Suzzy in Susan
It’s her charm to calm the heart and charm a smile
Her lovely open heart, an open book of love
When you read her done deeds of love
You will see she is as a tamed dove

Her beauty is treacherous, am guilty of love
Her moves dangerous, can harm your guilt
For when caught in between
They clamp, clasp and I in clench

But there is sweetness of Sue in Susan
I stare at her lips and ponder – the sweetness of her smile
As she talks of tastes I wonder – enchantment of her tales
Outward, hands weak and slender – Inside, a big heart like the whale
and magic of touch her hands render – consume me as a whole
For she softly sinks a will to feel – my heart surrenders

Her Heart Broken …

The look in your eyes
was a touch to my heart
And a shine of my smiles
shouting a song of affection.
You swore ’twas such a connection

You made me lose sleep
yet dreams of you I keep
our love seem hidden so deep
the devil sees it below sea
maybe that is why,
in dreams we can’t meet
Now all the deep sleep I keep I weep

It’s because I couldn’t dare
a thought of no care!
That you could be there
And leave me here
on ground so bare …
Alone! with so much to bear
A broken heart, so broke of love,
the one love curved twice above

Lingering light at tunnel end
my watery eyes focus to look
But that light becomes dark
All good has gotten bad
The open heart close the gate
And love turn to hate
Since your truths were all lies

How did you decide to this
to leave, to lie, to hurt, to kill …
After love, laughs and kiss
All you’ve left are scary scars
making markings of a memory so ill
Maybe by night scars will light dark stars

It’s so painful
But it’s just okay
It fades anyway
or in someway day by day
You’ve pushed me close to the end
But even close to end isn’t the end
Is it? …
With all this, to the world, I should blend
But first my heart has to bend
to endear despite rendered pains.

composed on request

My I

Oh my
My eye
Sees I
and am

A toy
I am
boy coy …
I sway
up trees
and toss
My knees
Oh my
But I
again venture
in adventure
and am

Quite sure
Am mature
My ear
I hear
a whisper
My voice
and am

My brain
I reign
am mine
and am

Oh am
My arm
in palm
my pen
and am

It’s My I

The colors you reflect

Beauty I look
but it is the color I see
blue in your mood
red of your dress
are you ‘the lady in red’?

Still beauty my eyes seek
but one color blind me
maybe mine of a man
it’s the dark of black
lacking the shine of white
Am I a colorblind man?
So are you a colorful woman?

To flirt I should think in pink
Your eyes shine yellow of the sun
the light that evokes purple in your crown
There is something in me,
Like the green of grass to be grown
a grain of love for you
it’s green that surely grows …

If you so wish to dine
I will be as historical as brown
and clad in white and black
‘you mean simple and credible?’
Yes, and you in red, ready for a date …

I see beauty
it’s the colors you reflect