Force of Silence

Our big world in our little earth

Silence is found rarely in little things

Within the mammoths lies real noise

So where does silence really dwell?

So when does silence really swell?

It’s …

in the mind that thinks

the face that winks

the eye that blinks

All the signs that win

Silence is a force

Easing some noise to give space to any

Yes! it’s a voice

Calling some noise to come keep company

Silence is a quest

That nature seeks and the wise find peace

It’s …

between spaces of noise

with new girls and boys

in the wisdom of the wise

in the nurture of nature

It’s the freedom that never speaks,

when love lacks words.

It’s the affection that ever exists,

when you love in kind

No wonder it’s too loud

in the …

moment of a kiss

rhythm of the hiss

mourning of sorrow

hope of tomorrow

tears from eyes

years of lies

peak of truth …

All of these fruits

Silence has a silent force …


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