December of Christmas

Ushered in rainy dawn in our town
drops drip from my roof top down
Then drops as one gather
As families come together
To meet their misses
To kiss their lilies
And curve those trees
In December it’s Christmas

Some sigh of relief
A tough year it’s been
Others bend in disbelief
It’s a miracle to be
Laughter and joy
Year’s achievements maybe
It’s Christmas in December

Foes turned to friends
Some friends merely enemies
But a blessing in disguise
Better as an enchanted curse
Reserve this for thirty first
Today just laugh and eat
In December it’s Christmas

Remember how it all began
Wishes in Dec n goals in jan
At the end of line you can
Let everything become
as a chance to start over begins
But today toast for those ends
that left you broken or raised
Bitter or better and clever
for such times stamp memories
that will lift us when we are down
that will keep us up when falling
So celebrate for all times
It’s Christmas in December


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