Life Quotes

I have come to find some quotes inspiring, rhyming and yet very blunt. As some are truthful others seem to tell of the future while others just remind us where we have been … but they all are quotes worth mentioning whether in Kiswahili or English. Here are a few that have struck me this year …

Quotes lukyfranc quotes …

sina mirror ya maisha kunipa picture yenyewe, but I bet zile parts za passion na times za trials na wale waliplus peace au kuleta matata wamenichorea picha kamili

In total darkness you hold on to what you touch and cling to it like it’s the only support you have to survive. But when it dawns you realize it’s a leaflet that kept you alive. A leaflet of hope …

To succeed is a risk the heart takes involuntary or voluntarily because you may build your life or destroy it in the journey to success …

Lately I’ve been making impulse purchases and at the peak of my extravangance, stupidity is a commodity I can’t afford … so sell it outside my radius.

The more things change the more they remain the same


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