I remember that time, It was Suzzy

Cute blushy shy girl
Suzzy’s style trends my wall
Skirt slit, skirt tight cut so short
Shinny red shoe over brown sole
Soft skin, tender touch tease the soul

But it’s not just the sexy of Suzzy in Susan
It’s her charm to calm the heart and charm a smile
Her lovely open heart, an open book of love
When you read her done deeds of love
You will see she is as a tamed dove

Her beauty is treacherous, am guilty of love
Her moves dangerous, can harm your guilt
For when caught in between
They clamp, clasp and I in clench

But there is sweetness of Sue in Susan
I stare at her lips and ponder – the sweetness of her smile
As she talks of tastes I wonder – enchantment of her tales
Outward, hands weak and slender – Inside, a big heart like the whale
and magic of touch her hands render – consume me as a whole
For she softly sinks a will to feel – my heart surrenders


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