Her Heart Broken …

The look in your eyes
was a touch to my heart
And a shine of my smiles
shouting a song of affection.
You swore ’twas such a connection

You made me lose sleep
yet dreams of you I keep
our love seem hidden so deep
the devil sees it below sea
maybe that is why,
in dreams we can’t meet
Now all the deep sleep I keep I weep

It’s because I couldn’t dare
a thought of no care!
That you could be there
And leave me here
on ground so bare …
Alone! with so much to bear
A broken heart, so broke of love,
the one love curved twice above

Lingering light at tunnel end
my watery eyes focus to look
But that light becomes dark
All good has gotten bad
The open heart close the gate
And love turn to hate
Since your truths were all lies

How did you decide to this
to leave, to lie, to hurt, to kill …
After love, laughs and kiss
All you’ve left are scary scars
making markings of a memory so ill
Maybe by night scars will light dark stars

It’s so painful
But it’s just okay
It fades anyway
or in someway day by day
You’ve pushed me close to the end
But even close to end isn’t the end
Is it? …
With all this, to the world, I should blend
But first my heart has to bend
to endear despite rendered pains.

composed on request


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