The colors you reflect

Beauty I look
but it is the color I see
blue in your mood
red of your dress
are you ‘the lady in red’?

Still beauty my eyes seek
but one color blind me
maybe mine of a man
it’s the dark of black
lacking the shine of white
Am I a colorblind man?
So are you a colorful woman?

To flirt I should think in pink
Your eyes shine yellow of the sun
the light that evokes purple in your crown
There is something in me,
Like the green of grass to be grown
a grain of love for you
it’s green that surely grows …

If you so wish to dine
I will be as historical as brown
and clad in white and black
‘you mean simple and credible?’
Yes, and you in red, ready for a date …

I see beauty
it’s the colors you reflect


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