Conflicts of life …

The balance of life is a conflict
Or maybe to me the concept doesn’t click
But mystery of nature vs beauty of culture is distinct
that mystery and beauty, aren’t for, but against! Tick

Why think in a box
when the earth spins to the span of the endless universe
Tho’ out of the box
boundless seas reach sown seeds, then soak-sip seeking sea level …
and limit is never and limitless ever upon fate of aconflicted destiny
People keep circling trying to reach where they want to be,
forgetting they will end up here where they have to be

As questions disturb the universe
Lookers be the first to see answers
Seekers unfold answers to life greatest questions
Yet the two pegged as discoverers

In life things are not what they seem
This life things are all the way you see
In love you fall for what you see
With hate you despise what you saw
A cry to life, cries to death
Tears of joy, tears of sorrow
Fight over love, mourn in peace
The rich also cry, the poor laugh once

Secret to investment -follow the trend
Secret of life -never follow the crowd
Professional life -mistakes lead to fire
Social life – good mistakes to admire

Out of breath you find death
From first breath you found life …
and the cause in life and the cause of death
All the cost of living  …


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