The Undefeated Loser …

Need not race
Can catch up to any pace
tread below lows,
reach above heights
Sometimes go left, right
or continue straight
Every way I want can’t work
because they can all work

today I type
tomorrow I write
and when wrong I right
Then in art, design and paint
Add math the mother of all insight

But all they do is throw me back and forth
Make me doubt, unsure of my path,
The twists, turns, and runs overwhelm my wrath
Circular flows, bustle blows, my head with flaws

But I waiver not from my soul resolution
Although many things my sole flaw,
my eyes fixed to make them all flow
Gather calmness, I sip slow these blows

First I take a glass of imperfections
Then a sip of vague lines
A gulp of cunning lies
A number of crooked curves
that thought I had aligned nice
Just one of those bitter dines

As I take many things under review
Check my previous works in preview
So many flaws my fault
Then try redraw the lines I paint
A part of me takes on art
another inculcate calculations of math
Seem much, but the smallest step in this mess

Still I bind to them to find myself within
but postponement my closest perfection
Well, one of the misfortunes to being many things

At some point they all backfire
My indulgences catch fire
And I burn from inside
Seek a way to backslide
But am already in it …
I have to work my head on this

Can’t move faster, I am slow
this time willing but no
Can’t figure out all I Know
I mistype, mis-write and miss right
Wrong art, redesign and repaint
And math too difficult can wait

am faint
Many things my plight
But if they went right
I would shine in light
Now unseen at day or night
My head ever engaged in this fight …


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