Time not my twin …

Time not my twin.
To keep time I can never win
To give promise I can at will
To keep promise that will I kill
At the promised time I can never win

Old history upon you surge
a trail of story of every edge
You’ve been through every stage
Yet today you and me like same of age
Time not my twin …

Given my best, even my worst
A twin in bright but part of my plight
We are never at same pace
yet always in the same place
To catch your pace, am caught by neck
Time not my twin …

My zeal is faint, its your strain so quaint
yet up to date so straight and tight by every tick
and every tick I miss am less off the clock
Another tick-tock to remind me we pace
But no! your speed and mine so large a space
Time not my twin

To time time I can
To count time I have
To meet time in vain
To relate to time is pain
Time not my twin …

With time we are never together
Yet always we will live like forever
Until time my heart will surrender
Stop time, buried under and return never
Then, time and me will be asunder
But still time on me be like twin


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