For a love like this …

Nerves shiver, it is just a call
Even when speaking, still missing
Encounter feelings
a painful passion
in collision with confusion
Blindfolded with love
Oh! my heart
longs to meet

stop to think, cease to breath
Eyes linger
mouth a daze
ears to hear
but it is all nothing, dry and quiet!!
A perfect package!!

My strength in weakness
Your beauty my weakness
Ooh! my heart so lifeless
my sight in blindness
Yet now the witness
To this figure in darkness
Is furthest of my keenness
Such beauty of kindness
Leaves me so breathless
With a wish this love be timeless

Oh! Am cast to the clouds
But the world beckons
Counting no seconds
I make a few steps
Hands to her waist
My lips in haste
It’s cloud nine …

Then a gentle breeze
My ears fight the hiss
am closed in a kiss
And forever I wish
For a love like this …


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