I wonder

I wonder why people party so crazily
Mindlessly drink and recklessly drunk
They say ‘to release stress infuse drink’
An acceptable cause of loss I think

It puzzles to bustle into drunkards
When deeply drunk and haphazard
They shout and laugh like wizards
Yet insist to drive causing a hazard

Am surprised at their justifications
Either think wrong, right but not straight
They tease as they spill their secrets
When imbalanced in motion and brain

I wonder
How people are so obsessed with drunkenness
Either drunk in love, lust or great greed
Others live to debate in hate and drink grudge
Those drunk with work don’t even get time to drink
or ever try to think of life outside their work

I wonder
If people will ever quit drinking
Stop beer, wine and spirit
End too much works, drinks and debates, they make us weak.
At least embrace a balanced working spirit
To make an effort to balance our life by week
For am puzzled how drunk we get
In one way or the other

am frank, I wonder


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