Tonight it’s about touch but not too much
lest you catch a cold of the heart
when you detach after the test-match
But if you do too much, stretch touch to the heart
let them attach tonight in light of loving-hearts
So that when you march out tonight
Your hearts rich of touch will reach attach and kiss thus much
Each of this much is all about touch
For a girl you blush and dash away like flash
Even a glimpse of beauty not enough for a wish
too hasty your legs, too tasting your lips, too hefty my heart
please don’t rush too fast! you flush me out
to you I watch and march for a touch
Baby I stretch my hand for a touch
of your body and heart tonight
I wish a flash of love by touch
of two that want each as such
or maybe I want you sooo much
In dark in cold, to warmth to cherish
Oooh! Baby don’t buy every brush of touch
Some rush too fast, maybe the crush too much
Fuss! Such crush rush to crash any car that meets their search
But don’t take my words so true, as such,
Just take my hand I stretch for your touch, too much,
Already you a sketch in my mind
I just need more than a brush
A touch! Of your heart, tonight


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