My country Kenya under Attack … (Part 1)

Kenya under Kenyatta under attack …
Just turned fifty, way after forty with barely any fortress
Not that ever we’ve never bled this much
Today fifty, before one, we bled from blades and bullets

After was Kenya under Kenyatta with no attacks …
But then were the West, today the East feast on our feet
We’ve been hit hard right in our heart hurts
Because today we bleed, we’ve been bombed bitten beaten and ‘bulleted’
These terrorists terribly terrify us …

To be frank, in the Westgate attack,
we were
Gunned at the gate
gagged in the mall with
grenades on the wall and we
grounded to the floor

Not at hours, houses, but anything ours
They threaten daddy, mommy, nonny, mary and twiny, my family
And your families too
Just the other day at the bumps, bombs bust buses

To be frank, in the Thika Road attack,
grenade crashed the glass
particles clashed with metal
and at blast was blood burst from bodies
on spot killed three, three after, alive sixties less three
Kenya under Kenyatta under attack …

To be frank, am Frank this is freaking,
signs show
less consultation
less from constitution
less consolation
less counting

Part party politics
is ICC not
Life is at stake at this state in our State
This terror and horror has to be halted
And the terrorists arrested
I wish I said executed
For they crossed borders and crossed lines and now lives closed
With the sword they took ours
so we should kill them with same sword as is the word in this world
Kenya under Kenyatta under attack

To be frank, I wish I had hope
That our borders are under cover
With genuine corps
Even along the slope
of Nile river
So that this war to be over


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