The Laws of Lies

Faith against distrust
Disbelief meets mistrust
but when such clashes find a common enemy
Then ‘virtues’ of lies are embraced
A lie for a lie
To keep a friend

Until you realize it ain’t intact
Special friends become distanced friends
Standoffs, second thoughts and second chances;
but with belittled faith,
We all know the drill,
You become a cautious self
holding onto the truth becomes unbearable
Strained anger in the name of patience
No! I meant impatience;
The game is on
In hope to counter a lie,
Yes! a lie for the lie taken,
Do not forget the drill.

The truth skewedly omitted
Lies cunningly submitted
So they mumble in consolation;
Failure to admit the truth isn’t lying
or lets just say it’s hidden truth.

Nursing impatiently for the untold truth,
That moment will never come
It is better to remain calm
to reduce much harm
for self-affliction hurts

And as the vices perpetuate;
omissions penetrate;
Pillars of trust broken down;
Ethics and ideologies skewed to survive
Take care of one another in disguise

This is not about politics
It is about life
different laws for same crime,
or many crimes under same law
take whichever you like
for so are the laws of lies …


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