Words Behind Words …

How do I hide this letter from all eyes but yours
Yet put it out for all to know it is meant for you
to endure the thought that it’ll softly compel comprehension
but still endeavor to direct your attention to our special connection
Sorry! blunt words happen to be very sharp

How I think much about you, with a mind gone crazy over you
Even much, I remember to forget you in dreams of any clime
and worse, I forget to remember you in reality of every fiction
Yet all i see is you when I close my eyes
Am broken to parts by your love that makes me whole

How do I draw thee to me with a word stronger than thy drag
of course thy love is a course with a force, am clenched
Still I wish to touch thee first before I reach there
It is all about you but nothing about you here
The very reason for these words behind words

But if only you could see behind words others see words
Behind every wisdom, you will find a voice
They will see poetry, you will find clues
Behind all rhymes, you will find attention
They will love the piece, you will see the connection
They will see strength, you will know the weakness

Dream our world behind words


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